Watts helps you identify your risks for Legionella

Legionella risk analysis checklist
Identify your unique water management system components and equipment

Successful prevention of Legionnaires’ disease requires the development and execution of a risk assessment and Water Quality Management Plan for your facility. Following the guidelines of ASHRAE 188 and the CDC, we have developed an easy-to-use checklist to help you take inventory of your facility's points of risk. This form will guide you through the process of locating where Legionella may be present within your water distributions systems, identifying potential trouble areas, and defining your action plan.

Assess the risks in your facility

Water systems vary in design and complexity from building to building. The solutions required will be equally as unique. This checklist is designed to facilitate your discussion with qualified experts, to create standard operating procedures, and to implement a Water Quality Management Plan. The risk analysis checklist is provided as an interactive PDF. You can complete the fields on your computer, save the file and print out for reference. Or if you prefer, you can print out and complete by hand.

Group of professionals reviewing a management plan on a laptop

Build your Water Quality Management Plan

An outbreak of Legionella can have serious and even deadly consequences for people at your facility. Successful prevention requires ensuring that the water systems are properly designed and maintained. With this checklist, you and your team can:

  • Document your facility’s water systems
  • Determine the steps you need to take
  • Define standard operating procedures

Identify the problems, determine the solutions, and implement your Water Quality Management Plan. Start on the path to effective Legionella mitigation by identifying the points of source, points of use, and points of condition that may be lurking at your facility today.

Completing this helpful checklist to document your facility's locations, characteristics, components, and equipment is the first step in a methodical process to build a Water Quality Management Plan as outlined by ASHRAE 188. And Watts is with you, every step of the way.