Watts for Legionella control

Legionella control:
the comprehensive approach


Mitigating the risk of Legionella growth in a hospital, nursing home, hotel or other commercial or institutional is a daunting effort. It requires an understanding of the conditions that foster Legionella growth and how to implement best practices, standards and solutions to inhibit the bacterium’s growth while protecting against other risks such as scalding and thermal shock. We understand the challenge plumbing system designers and facility managers face in creating and executing an effective water management plan. It must not only balance the risks of waterborne pathogens, but also deal with the dangers of overheated water. This site provides guidance on how to get started on a plan and identify the solutions you need to make your facility safe.
According to ASHRAE 188 and the CDC, the first step owners and managers of hospitality or healthcare facilities must take is to programmatically map out and identify the places at risk for Legionella contamination. Then you will be prepared to take additional steps to ensure that the water systems in your buildings are properly designed and maintained to reduce the risk of growing and spreading Legionella bacteria.

Learn the 3 points of risk for Legionella

Points of risk for Legionella bacteria outbreaks

Successful mitigation of Legionella requires identifying where the bacteria may exist in your water system and understanding why. Go beyond simply charting possible locations of bacteria. Learn how to address all the risks – at the points of source, points of use and points of conditions within the system.

Treat the condition, not just symptoms

Systems and solutions for Legionella mitigation

With a comprehensive understanding and identification of the conditions that put your facility at risk, you can then best prescribe an effective water management program. Gain important insight into the technologies and system options available to ensure that you implement the optimal methods for mitigating Legionella risks in your facility.

Assess the risks at your facility

Legionella risk analysis and water management program planning

Use our Legionella Risk Checklist to determine the risks your facility faces. The insight you will gain using this interactive pdf will help you understand which solutions you will need to reduce those risks.